The Integral-Fiber optical AR-Glass Design

The Integral Fiber Optic AR design for minimalist AR-Spectacles is the foundation of the AR Blockchain Revolution and is described in detail in the explanatory videos. As long as no detailed video documentation on the proof of concept is available, this compilation builds up the understanding of this proof with external YouTube videos. However, the physical principles used in Read more about The Integral-Fiber optical AR-Glass Design[…]

Known Traveller Paradigm Shift

The KaraSpecs technology follows exactly the paradigm shift that took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Iris Scanning and Blockchain System in Augmented Reality Glasses is considered an ideal implementation of the new frontier traffic and travel safety infrastructure. Enclose the document: WEF_The_Known_Traveller_Digital_Identity_Concept.PDF 

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